car p0rn (2), the toys for girls & boys



so in dis blog the car porn continues. We have seen dem muscles (as in muscle cars) and now we moves on to dem toys, because dey weally wook wike dey are but that: toys!


But you would not believe dey are weal cars for real Big peopol….


wike this italian Fiat “Cinquecento” 500… wook how tiny it is and yet 4 adults could travel in it. It was one of the cuties from yesteryears…


1 in the fore-ground, 2 in the back-ground: FIAT 500

dashboard/cock-pit close-up FIAT 500   and me *giggles*

But it gets even bettur! Wookie at all these cars, rowed up like a beaded giant necklace. I am performing artistic twicks on the luggage holder of one of them, so you can see, dey are weal cars and not some toy models! 

working out, a model needs to stay fit, wight? wight!

teddie baby-girl on the roof of a Karmann Ghia in baby-blue

*giggles morer*



Now, you have seen me riding a mustang and a jaguar, but do you believe i could tame a lion? no??? well guesses again, because i sutre has, an in that was at least as cool as Columbo, but sans the cigar an the trench-coat! do not believes me? tsk! so wookie an sees for yourself *giggle-snorts*


Peugeot 304, convertible 

the emblem of Peugeot is a lion, an an i so tameds it! see? told ya!

Ending todays  car p0rn blog wif a couple. the sexie Volvo girl an her mobile home, from i fink the 1960s. but all small an stuff, almost my size! so if you dont hearer from me? i am on vacay wif dem toys *giggles ad infinitum*

 obviously, Volvo used to be round and sexy,

before becoming all square *giggle-fit*








One Response to “car p0rn (2), the toys for girls & boys”

  1. Thanks for sharing, I think a cinquecento suits so beary well! 😀

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