Serene and Scawy medieval village impwessunnns


 let me abducts you on a spechial scawy but also serene journey… in this medieval village you can see some places that will has you swoon in delight, but also some scenes dat will gives you quite da fwight! so, now that you has been warnsed, if you pee yourself fwom fear, it is not my fault! *giggles*

 An so dis is where the beary stowwy begins…

see that scenery developping before your eyes. It is nothing that spechial you think? think again, becuz:



Dem houses were not surrounded by lawn, but also from a riverette from dusk till dawn, and from dawn till dusk, so dey have to be extwa carefulls as not to drown in that water bellow us!




The water aint twubled, and the duckies (my fans) swimming by, it is a picture wike a postcard, see the reflections of a blue sky, in the serene water but the scare is right there! 

See? how steep it was, the abyss, deep, bellow, an under me… the stones: intimidating walls, and the sky painted into the water, i was so scared i would fall!



Dem houses livings by that water, and those abysses, surely are quite intimidating for those as widdles as me, but do not think that the dark spot beneath my bum was PEE! nooooo, it is but a shadow, pwomise!! *giggles morer*


Soooo, when we follow the flow of the riverette, an where she wooksed at, the widdles teddie girl named doucette, who is me, we would see, pure beauty an serenity! Wookie, these river banks covered in grass an trees mirrored in the calmest waters, undisturbsed and calm, an them twees extend their branches as to take us in their arms, wearing the springs majestic crown



But all that walksing about, an wooksing awound, made me all sweepie, an so, i was a good girl bear an got into my sweeping bag, so Daddy could drag me awound, while i slept … an next time i show you, where Daddy dragged me to… a scawy place, beary scawy too!






One Response to “Serene and Scawy medieval village impwessunnns”

  1. beary scary indeed!

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