Car P0rn (3) Relationships


you would not believes, but even them hot cars have relationships! ooh yes, it is not all bout the p0rn, as you will soon discovereds. *giggle*

An wike with weal peopol, them cars also mix and matches, an it is where the wuv lands, that they fall in wuv. Wike herer, a rather big gentleman walks with and shows off His slim girlie…

models: Ford Transit, Renault convertible… and me!!

See? told ya its all bout relationships! And unlike some stwange peopol, them cars do not discriminate. Wike, you know how some peopol believe that being gay is out of the ordinary? Well dem cars are not that blindeds. Wookie, at that romance between Lady Mercedes and the petite Fiat Cinquecenta! kissins all womantic wikes! no hidings too, just then an there in da broad daylight!!! dawwwwwwwwwwwww

models: Mercedes, Fiat 500 and me, on the hood for all to see *giggles morer*

An here you can see the Mistress an her happy slave following her every command (and demand too!)

models: Mistress: Volvo, slave: happy camper an me!! in the twee!!!!

you see how tolerant them cars are? wight? wight! wike, wookie, herer you can see a Daddy and His widdles

models: Rolls Royce (Daddy), Volkswagen Beatle/Kaefer (baby) and me!!!!

so maybe all of we should be more embracings of da wuv between those who are in wuv an not criticize their chosen path or way of life! wight??? wight!!!





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