my beary own businesscards. wow!


i am so fudging exciteds i could dance a jig! wookie!!!

so now that i danced that outta my system i am still so fudging exciteds, cuz cuz cuz, guess wot! guess wot!!!!!

I now has a facebook account an i also got my bearsonal e-mail account on yahoo. YAHOOOOOOOOO! *giggles*

an to tops it all off?

Daddy, made me my own bearsonal business cards.

wookie, arent dey wike awsums?

An so, now, when you order stuff through my blogs, or my fan page on facebook or other social networks….

you will also get one of these beary nice paper based business cards

thats the closest to me kissins you!!!!

well unless you come herer, an if i wikes you, you might get a widdle kiss, but only if Daddy permits, that is. wight? wight

oooh i am so exciteds, i think i need to dances morer!!!






2 Responses to “my beary own businesscards. wow!”

  1. I understand that you are excited, it is like a promotion! ❤

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