Car P0rn (4) impressions 4u

Peopol, dis is the closing blogs of da car fair in May 2012, an I will closes with some more impressive impressiunnns.

Some of dem pictures are feauturing the model that is me, an some just them hot cars.

You can argue all you wanna but you do has to admits, that, in the end of the day, them cars are not just for transportatunnn, dey are hot models, sexy an maybe even wole models to us?

Anyways, you see it, dey too has 4 paws, dem wheels, an dey have a face, an dey have personality… an when i poses wif em, dey even gor bearsonality *gigglesnorts*

so enjoy dem impwessuns, an maybe get inspired by the diversity an tolerance an hotness of dem automotive beauties.

Wike herer, you can see dat all skin colors can get along perfectly fine, no bickering, no racism. United Colors of Ghia…

models: Volkswagen Karmann Ghias x gazillion *giggles*

or wookie at those pwetty girls… all of dem Ford Taunus, all of dem showing off make up and styles, an yet no bickering, an no chick-fights!

models: 3 x Ford Taunus

Wookie, how a triumph, an a class if its own, can happen dignified, without violence, without imposing oneself, just standing their grounds and shines in their own glory!

models: Triumph Convertible, an me!!!! *giggles morer*

Besides in the background, Triumph’s entourage: the secretary: Fiat Panda (left) groupie: Volkswagen Kaefer/Beatle (center) and boy-friend: Opel Kadett coupé (right) *giggle-fits*

see? getting along is not that hard – after all!!!! so twy do it wike dem cars, be hot, everyone in your own vewwy way, an dont fight all the time. it only leads to toopid body damage! wight? wight!!!!


2 Responses to “Car P0rn (4) impressions 4u”

  1. II like the triumph 😀

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