Stowy: about Widdle Wock

dedicated to my Mommy, i wubs you soooooooo beary much!!!!!
Story of a Little Rock

once upon a time, looooooooooong looooooooooooooooooooooooong ago, there was a mountain, and she was a huge mountain. an she was like all mountains way way protective of her littles. but she also knew she had to make them strong for the life of rocks

and so she cuddled and coddled her kids, them giant rocks, but also encouraged them to go and explore the beauty surrounding them.

one day, the babygirl rock got all bold, and rolled near to the abyss. But Mommy Mountain, saw it happening, and strethed out her protective hand, so that the rock would not fall down the steep way and dive into the river in the valley. The little girl was so happy about her Mommy looking out for her. And so the centuries went by, that are the hours for them mountains, and the lil rock watched them trees grow, and the river flow, and learned all there is to know.

and she knew in her tender heart, that her Mommy looks out for her, always, and that she is safe.



3 Responses to “Stowy: about Widdle Wock”

  1. Crystal Bullard Says:

    awwww beary cute ..

  2. you are the sweetest Doucette! ❤

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