Twicks Gwandma knew: potato-water


today the series about twicks fwom yesteryears continues.

Now some of you surerly asks themselves what it takes to has a gween thumb? an well, you can either use markers … *giggles* but dats not wot we are afters herer! so… an no, dont use nail polish either!!! *giggles morer*

so siwwie!

lets try to unlock one of dem twicks our Grannies useds before dey inventeds all dem expensive fertilizers

an yes, you guessesseds it wight, when you thunked: hey da blog is called potato waters after all, wight? wight.

An here is da twick, Gwandma knew:

when you has boilsed potatoes in water, you wait till the water cools down an do not toss it away! instead you uses it to water all your plants, an this way dey become more strong an resistant.

you safe water, you use natural recourcess you else had wasted, and everyone wins!

awesums, wight? wight!!!!!



One Response to “Twicks Gwandma knew: potato-water”

  1. Thanks for sharing sweetie! ❤

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