how to beat stress…. (stwess sux)


we all know the dwill, wight? wight! There is always so much to be dones, an den some, an den some morer, an once that is done, da to-do-list seems to has grown even morer still…. an an an argggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!

but wot is one to do, wight? nope, wong! uhu, you hearded that wight … i said wong…. because wemember, dat stwess is a killa!

uhu uhu!

so, umm, so how to get away an still get away with getting away you asks? well, so wistens, cuz i am abouts to tells you!

stwess sucks, an swallows too.
so wot is a widdles to do?
i am tellsing you.

you has to get out,
an intewupt,
wots-evur you do.

i know you cant,
say you,
but that is a lie
an it is not twue.

wike, wistens,
if dere was a fire dwill,
you would intewupt your stuff,

an so,
with that beary wight

(or Barry White? *gigglesnorts*)
you cease the fights,
an frights,
just for a minute tonight,
an go outside…

drop the pen,
an drop the pan,
an once outside,
just count to 10,

den go an seek,
wike you were a geek,
a flower,
one that grows in earth,
not the cut ones from the florist,
nor one in a pot,
but one that grows
somewhere on the lot.

look at her.
count her petals, …
stop focussing your mind on your work,
you left that behind,

so, how many petals does she wear,
how many colors does she bear,
how does she smell?
like fluffie good,
or more like feet,
it is all good!

now wook at her body,
all gween an slim,
how she is swaying in the wind,
how she has risen her leafy arms,
an does not fear
neither storm nor harms,
how she is nuffing but brittle an tender,
an yet before life-crushins does not surrender,

how she dances and stands her gwound,
how she is healthy, sane and sound.

now you have to give her thanks,
therefore spit out, into your hands,
and gives fwom your spit,
fwom deep within,
to her little feet,
near the roots – an grin!

cuz when you look into her face,
now that you gave some of your grace,
she is smiling fwom ear to ear,
and admit it lil one,
so are you now,
and your widdle battle is won,
da stwess is gone,
an you had some fun.




One Response to “how to beat stress…. (stwess sux)”

  1. you are not only sweet you are wise too! 😀

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