a wose is a wose is a wose

Peopol, you make asks yourselves now, wot is doucette talksing bouts again an wot the fudge is a wose. So before you get yourself in twuble wif dat language, i will tells you wot a wose is. A wose, is a wose, is a wose!

wot? you has not any idea still? well so it is Rose, just speaked out in widdles, wight? wight! now you got dat clue an we can continue wif dis blog about the so callsed Queen of dem Flowers. In our fwont yard we has some peonies, which are roses dat stwangely know exactlies when it is Pentecost, since dey bloom up at that time every year. An dat is quite an amazing capability, because, how do dey know to wead the calendar is beyond me. Pentecost varies fwom year to year after all! But dey always gots it wight. quite stunnings, wight? wight! well and not just white at that!! also red and magenta, yellow and an an awesomesauce many colors too! and three and four!!! wow giggle-fit

wike, wookie!!!

an an dis one too!!!

an this one three!!!! *giggles morer*

an an this one 4!!!!!!! *giggle-fit*

impwessive, innit?



2 Responses to “a wose is a wose is a wose”

  1. you are so the sweetest widdle bear evurrr! 😀

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