i am hurting.

you may wanna ask peopol, why i am hurting an i will tells you.

i am hurting becuz i’m hurt. *humpf*

so here is wot happensed: i has a beary close friend girl, an i wubs her. she is all kinds of nice an a good friend. but … she likes to play wif peopols feelings. now i do get it is prolly not even a conscious fingy (at least i do hope it isnt, cuz if it were she would come off as quite the billa! an we all know that the term billa is what sounds like beach but is about the contrary of relaxing ugh!!!!) anyway! so sometimes when she gets some sads or is upset she will announce how she will wun away, or get lost or or an an you know wight? leaving a social network, stopping communicatiuns, an stuff or just wun away….

an here is wot this makes me do. it makes me cwy. i mean wookie, if you has a pwobwem, den adwess it, wight? wike i do, when i has a twuble, i go to Daddy wif it. or a sista. or Mommy. i do realize not every-one is that lucky tpo has a Daddy or Mommy or sista, but i do know for a fact, that this girl has wike many sistas and loads of great fwends. an well, so when you feel like upset or overwhelmsed, you can count on your fwends an chosen family, no? but instead of doing dat, she makes this dramatical scene of wunning away, tellsing me, an others we do not count, we are not to be twusted, we are to be abandoned an left behind like dirty laundrey

an you know wot? it does bweak my widdle heart </3

an so, i been cwying a wot, cutz she did it again, an dat even tho i had asksed her the last time she made it to not play wif my feelings wike dat. but here we go, weeks later, same ole same ole.

so now i am upset, while she tells everyone she is over it (for now), but no apology, an i betcha she will does it again. an how it makes feel me, she does not give a ship.

an that is quite upsettling.

i will go an confide my twuble to Daddy or Mommy, cuz dem Bigs have solutuns for every-thing. wight? wight!



One Response to “*cwies*”

  1. so sorry to hear that Doucette, I hope you get better very soon ❤

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