twicks gwandma knew: a shelf wif elifunts!


today i wills abducts you to the do-it-yourself sectunnn of da stores, an helps you to design your beary own shelf out of stuff, other people would toss. Dis way you are recyclings an reusings materials, savings da molla an has far more to spend on stuffs that do count wike jewelry made by my Daddy, wight? wight!

An so you can see dat it needs not to wooks wike junk, just because you are using second hand or used objects, herer is a picture to proves it!

Wookie wot a nice elifunts shelf system Daddy TeddyTom4u has builts in da stowage woom, to stowes dem gems an quartzes an stuff!

Wow, wight? wight!

But how is it mades, you asks?

Well dis shelf was builded wike dis. Daddy took 3 shelves He had left ova fwom other projects, dat were approx. of da same size. Now our Grandma’s knew where to get those fwom too. Sometimes cup-boards dat arent useds any morer have doors left over, wight? wight! so uses dose. Or maybe go to da hard-ware stowe an asks if dey have left over shelves or planks an make your own!

Den you need the legs between dem shelves. Well Daddy had those awesum ones fwom liquor bottles (you can ask in a restaurant or bar or liquor shop if dey have dese. But if not, no pwobwem! Just use glass jars, wike dose of powdered instant coffee or awike…) Now if you use dose, as legs da whole shelf system will trip ova quite easilies, because dere is nuffing to stabilize it! humpf!! so the ingenious engeneers had da idea! you has to fill da legs wif something heavy. an one thing inexpensive an heavy is sand for da play-ground of kidlets. You get dem at hardware stores. If you dont have dose nears you? Take cat litter. but clean one or it will stink *giggle-snorts* Dey sell dat in every grocery stowe…. wight? wight!

You can decorate your legs wif any pictures you wike. You find dem online, or in a magazine maybe. You pwint dem out or cut dem out and glue dem to dem legs so you cannot see da sand or cat-litter inside, an herer you go, wif your awesome-sauce new shelf dat didnt cost much.

An if you has a fwend who has some bwicks left ova fwom building a house or wotevar? You can uses dem bricks as legs between them shelves. You can decorate the bricks wif printed on paper just da same, or you get wall-paper left-overs dat fit your other apartment decoratunnn an decorate dem legs an/or shelves wif dat also. an da wesult? a beautiful shelf, no-one else has, an dat didnt cost you all dat much!

awesum wight? wight!



One Response to “twicks gwandma knew: a shelf wif elifunts!”

  1. it is beautiful indeed, well done! 😀

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