a walk through defense wall, a powder tower pt 1 – and a ghost!


i am so exciteds, this was fudging beary excitings indeeeeed…. but first things firster, wight? wight!

So, today Daddy TeddyTom4u and i went to a locatunnn where we had been beforer, but not quite dere, at dat beary spot, an we exploreds a lush, less frequented part of dat beary sight, an quite some sight it is. As you can reads on da sign in German… it says this is a defense wall, where you can walk-fru. well, dat in itself would be quite sumfing, but but wot is morer, is that the wall an defenses were built ova 500 years ago, an dey are still standings!!!!!

the sign reads: walk through defense wall built ca 1475 under Lord Bishop von Raichenau. enter at own risk

Now you will understands bettur why i got all shades of exciteds, wight? wight! Because da walls are so ole an da locatunnn is quite spooky. Wookie at dem heavy wooden stairs – dey were pretty steep too! An not to mentunnn the intimidatings powder tower from bout the same time, standing tall into the sunny blue sky….

But Daddy TeddyTom4u told me, his widdles teddie girl, to not be afwaids, an so i twieds not to be dat afwaids, while walking up the steep stairs, step, by step….

Nevermind, that dem walls are wike weally ole, an dat da roof wooks beary scarie!!! – i did not climb upper all too fast, for suwew!

now those spider webs should asurer you, dat dere wont be hords of angry medieval soldiers coming wunning – peace times an all, wight? wight! but dat wooden constwuctunnn under da woof… wooks so so scawy, i was beary scarced… an as it will turns out, for a beary good weason at dat!

dis door, suwe wooks stwange… it connects da defense wall wif da powder tower, but i was all dizzy…. so i twied wooksing more sharplie!!!

as so i could make out heads an toes …

until it HIT ME, wide a hammer ……

dat realizatunnn

dat up dere
dere is


A GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can imagine all i wanteds was get down an home, but dere will be more blogs about dis spooky place, soons



4 Responses to “a walk through defense wall, a powder tower pt 1 – and a ghost!”

  1. beary scary indeed…. (runs away screaming)

  2. I have ghost radar on my nook book, maybe teddy should bring that next time, I have gotten messages from my father and others on it. it is weird

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