spoils of the bavarian taiga (june 2012)


the place in Bavaria where Daddy TeddyTom4u, Mrs Teddy an i live at, is pwetty cold. Almost Canada cold, you know? Dat’s why Daddy calls our property the tundra. Cuz in a way it is. While people in the village alweady has cherries galore, our twee still is showing yellow sumfings, if at all! Everything grows slower in the cold, windy area…

An therefore Daddy calls the city of the village, an the surrounding villages the taiga, because while yes, the climate is still pwetty rough, it is by far more mild than at our house, wight? wight! an an an so, last time we visiteds the city center of da village, to go to da post office, bank and stuff, we took a widdle detour fru secluded widdle streets to even more secluded widdle locatunnns for a picture shoot…. and brought back home dem…


in the city center, even many houses are richly decorated wif flowers, wookie!

not just merchant houses as above, but of coursie the bank too (hey dey has molla enuff FOR SUCH STUFF, wight? wight!)

but dere are also giant flower pots …

… where i can even dive in!

but if you thought, wow quite the richness in flowers you aint seen nuffing yet, da taiga is beary rich, wookie!


my new silk cwutch wooks awesoem wif dem matching flowers, doesnt it?

it is like a sea of… no, not twubles, flowers!!!!


but it is not wike we dont get spoilsed in da tundra an would not has any flowers … we do has dem, an dey may be more scarce an more late an more filigree, but we wuv dem wif da same passunnn, or maybe even mowew!


more beautie next time, has a nice time you too, wight? wight!



3 Responses to “spoils of the bavarian taiga (june 2012)”

  1. this was beautiful to see and you are as sweet as always 😀

  2. Miss Lisa Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. It really gives one a sense of where you are from, and all of those flowers are amazingly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, Doucette.

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