moments of zen – forest for rest part 1


a few weeks back Daddy TeddyTom4u, Mrs Teddy and i stumbled upon a secluded widdle forest, a totally magical place filled with zen and peace.

Of course many pictures were taken dere, wike dis one:

but i even took the libearty *giggles! fun pun, got it? GOT IT? i made bear into liberty… liBEARty!!!!! *giggle-snorts*
ahem, anyway i took the libearty to ask Daddy to also wecord a widdle clip, so i could show you da beautie of da place in moving pictures… an the zen peacefuls way is quite movsing at dat wike living a feng shui poster actually…. wooksie!

dere will be more blogs bout dis awesum-saucesum widdle forest, both picture based an another clip soon, because i know you all are beary interested in those, wight? wight!



One Response to “moments of zen – forest for rest part 1”

  1. lol! so sweet and the waterfalls are just your size! 😀

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