4th of july…. pwayers for dose in dire need, hit by da storm!


usually you would read some nice blog here about flowers, castles, and twicks fwom yesteryears. Or you could read about cars an their sexiness, an my modeling adventures. An an an, i do admit dat on a day to day bases i weally wuv to be the center of ALL attentunnnn!

But not today, an not in dis blog. no ma’am, an no siw! i wanna use my bearsonal populawity for a good cause also close to my heart. you all has heard of da storms in them United States of America. An you all know how today is their big national holiday, the independence day, wight? wight!

Yet dis holiday will not be the peek fun experience for many Amewican fwends, amongst dem some of my biggest fans at that! Why? because the storms have dem wifout power, often wifout water an all da comfort we all consider normal. HUMPF!!!!!

Now i am no electwician, neither are you prolly, so, wots can we does, wight?

Wong! we all, an you too, can does somefing. We can say a pwayer for our fwends, an for all those brave men and women who serve to put da power back online

so lets pway together!

All you beary brave ones dere
who now do take such good care
to make the power again flow
we send you thoughts of love galore

All you beary brave at home
who have been stricken by that storm
in your hours grim an dark
we sendings you our wuving spark

Keep your chins up, dont be scared
for you we pray for you we care
Soon the power will be back they say
and that will be Independence Day!

so be it! ~ wight? wight!!!!



2 Responses to “4th of july…. pwayers for dose in dire need, hit by da storm!”

  1. Miss Lisa Says:

    Wight!!! How wonderfully thoughtful you are Doucette. I am sure this will lift lots of spirits. You truly are beary special.

  2. again you manage to remain the sweetest evurrr! ❤

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