twicks gwandma knew – bout dwinking coffee…


you would not believes me but our gwandma knew a wot and wots of stuffs about health too. Dat is because in the good ole days, docs were scarce, and people also quite scared of dem doctors an an their huges bills, an so peopol rather would stay in good shape an health, than has to go see a doc, wight? wight!

An well, in dem good ole days, peopol also were dwinking coffee, because lets face it, dat bwown stuff tasteds good back den, as much as it does nowadays …. some peopol even claim it tasted bettur!

But granny also knew dat coffee is quite the drying spell beach! – wot, you dont understands wot i am abouts, its made wif water, wight? wight! BUT! the caffeine an the bitter stuffs in da coffee do not add but subtract from your liquids, so dwinking large amounts of coffee would bwing a dwought into the body an dat is neva eva good. wight? wight!

An so the twickk gwandma knew was? With every cup of coffee has a glass of water. Dat way your body will functunnn perfectly, maybe even bearfectly. Giggle! got the fun pun? GOT IT?? bear-fectly, thats perfect with bears *giggles morer*



2 Responses to “twicks gwandma knew – bout dwinking coffee…”

  1. Miss Lisa Says:

    Doucette, I adore coffee, and I will try to drink a glass of water, per mug o’ yummy 🙂 I love the pics for this blog. How caring of you, to write about this.

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