hewwo kittie parcul spoilsed me wotten!


you would not believesed it, if i did not tells you, but i am tellsing you, an an an so now you will has to believes the unbelievuble! wight? wight!

so imagine my beary big supwise, when last week the post-man brought me my fan post! an some fan post it was! one dedicated fan of mine, who must wuvs me wike caweyzey but wishes to stay anonymous, sent me a parcul filled wif goodies!!! no kiddsing!! i was soooooo floorsed! you know who you are an i cannot fankies you enuff! so dis blog is dedicateds to that fan of mine, an also is an homage to their generosity!

debating wif Daddy whether or not we can open a parcul wifout harming dem hewwo kitties stickers

Daddy is gazing wif me on the parcul decorated wif hewwo kittie stickers some morer

inside the packaging, dere are zillions more of dem hewwo kittie stickers! wowowowowowow!!!

underneath the stickers glory, a pink hewwo kittie supwize… so much stuffs!!!!

i just cannot believes how wucky a girl bear i am *wipes tears*

herer i am taking a baf in dem presents, so many, an one cutier than the other! wowsa!!

cannot wait to wead da bearsonal note. an wookie wot butterflyful card it is too! awww

*cwying while weading* so touchings an movsing words by my fan. fank you!!!!!!!

celebrating my bwand new hewwo kittie lollipop decorated purse. i am so spoilsed!

wooksie, i didnt get gum-BEARS, cuz i am a bear girl, wight? wight! so i gots gum-butterflies. dat was so thoughtfuls from my fan, wubs it to pieces. an my beary first jelly beans an hewwo kittie themed an dey taste wike heaven! an my toy is awesome too, just the wight size at that… i am one spoilsed widdle girl, yes i am!

Hewwo Kitty Tulip Farm!! bearfectunnn! i wubs Hewwo Kitty and dem Flowers!!! awwwwwww! awwww! now i can be wif flowers even if weather speaksed english! bliss!!!!

see that bounty, that glory! see how much spoilsed i got? no you are not! *giggles* cuz wots you dont see is in da suitcase there are more sweets for my sweet teeth – cuz dat much does not fit into one tooth *giggles morer* ahem, anyway, dere were austrian and dutch sweets, an dem dutch are wif honey, an i wubs me honey!!!!! nom nom nom nom mine nome nom *giggle-fit*

an because you cannot say fank you often enuff for such a spoilage, herer is a video clip just for the generous fan! wight? wight

i feel bearfectly wuved an spoilsed wotten, wotten, wotten, wotten! an i wubs it!!!!!!! fank you soooooooooooooo much an morer


2 Responses to “hewwo kittie parcul spoilsed me wotten!”

  1. I am so glad for you Sweetie, you deserve it! ❤

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