Indoor Modeling – presenting curtains


many of my fans are asking me, how to become a photo-model, an i always tells dem, dat it takes more than just wooksing good. It is also a wot of work. You cannot be too squeamish to be a model, i alweady blogsed about dat an will continue to, but dis blog shows that also you cannot be picky or choosie, and say: ooh dat job is beneath me! nooooooooooooooooo! actually as a model you should be grateful dat you are booksed, an dat peopol twust you enough to help pwesent their stuff! wight? wight!

wike sometimes i am asked to present decorative cloth an fabrics. an i find it quite a challenge to pwesent them in such a manner, dat the product is da star, an me just a widdle high-light, wight? wight!

that was one beary funny photo-shoot by the way! an well i cannot deny it, but i wuv to cuddles (in) dem fabwics… cuz after all, all fashunnn has been fabwic at a point, an also dem has all fifferent smells an textures an an characteristics… wight? wight, so let’s has a cuddle pile!

an well, few weeks back i was so wucky to be invited by a designer into her home, an to poses wif her exquisite, beautiful, cozy an all hand-made new curtains…. a chance i would not wanna has missed!

and this one too!

and this one three *giggles*

it was such an honor to be able to visit a designer an fashion maker in their beary own home, an i learnsed a wot dere.

i even got an exclusive interview wif her, about making fashiunnn accessories an suff, *giggles morer* but that is for future blogs!



2 Responses to “Indoor Modeling – presenting curtains”

  1. You definitely are the sweetest Doucette! awwwww! ❤

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