Beary Beautiful Bavaria: Serene Altmuehl-Valley


my travels take me to the most awesomest locatuns, out dere, from medieval cities and villages, to defense walls, churches and castles, from outstanding bridges to creepy ruins, but also to some really serene and lush locations, and sharing some pictures of those will be like a vacation for you… rest your eyes and spirit for a while and enjoy fresh air, the sun, and a scenery like from a postcard… and best of all? no other people to be seen… awwwwwww such a relaxation!

pitoresque widdle houses melt into the abundant scenery…


while a stoney path-way leads to a serene forest by the street…


gazing on  fields by the river Altmuehl guarded by hills covered in forests, enjoying the cool breeze, and the warm sun…


this pic was taken during evening “rush-hour”… but …

 no cars in sight! just those rays of sunshine showering down


YIN: the trees giving shade, YANG: the sun giving warmth… result: TAO


a glen with a meadow, a castle surrounded by mighty green forests… the sky cloudless and light blue 

we are not in  a fairy tale… or are we?


scientific proof that Bavarian forests are inhibited by bears: they can climb trees to better present their silky, fashionable clutches and gem stone neck-laces *giggle-fit*






4 Responses to “Beary Beautiful Bavaria: Serene Altmuehl-Valley”

  1. wow, the bears have returned to Bavaria! and they have clutches!!??

  2. Miss Lisa Says:

    Doucette, I think you would love some of the country side of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. There are some very lush, green, and serene spots here as well. I hope one of these days you get a chance to come out this way and see. Or, I may just have to come out your way one of these days. I just may squeeze the stuffins out of you 🙂

    • ooooooh if we are to meet i will so has my stuffins hugglsed out, but attentunn i will weturn da favor an may even include some miracule ticklins!!!! *giggle*

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