Flea Market Finds (1)


most of you know, that i do accompany my Daddy TeddyTom4u to His markets and fairs, an twy an helps making Him sells da goodies as best as i can, an den i also will receive a provisunnn, wight? wight! An i love to get a provisunnn, because that way i has the molla i need for da beautie parlours an also to by myself some stuff. So here i am presenting some of dem beautiful minerals and rocks Daddy has for sale

If something caught your eye? Let me or Daddy know an Daddy will send you a price quote. Don’t forget to mentunnn my blog because den you get a spechial doucette discount too!!! the contact mail is: TeddyTom4u@yahoo.com

But on a flea market you can also stroll and find some amazing stuff. An you would not believes it wot amazing stuff you can find, so i will show you a few examples of such treasures from yesteryear. Wike dese 1950s napkin rings. They are a pair an in da design a lot like wedding rings, with one a bit more ornamented than the other… wookie!

or, take dis widdle tweasure. it is a pocket mirror you can put in a purse or your pocket, an it has 2 mirrors inside, a regular and a magnifying one. but da most exciting is dat 3-D effect book design on its cover lid… so pwetty!

den, dey also have vintage stuff, that you can put up as decoratunnn or even use on spechial occatunns … wike this rare and complete cheese-board an knife set. timeless beauty!

an well, if you have an exclusive taste, why not find a 1980s VALENTINO purse!!!!!

besides, all dem VintageCozyPlace marked items you can get fru their store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageCozyPlace

but dat, my friends is not all you can find on a flea market…. noooooooohooooooooooo sometimes you might even be beary lucky…

aaaaand fiend a new fwend!

this is ‘Artie’ (and well: me!!!) *giggles*



2 Responses to “Flea Market Finds (1)”

  1. Your life must be so exciting! 😀

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