Summertime and updates


i totally forgots to upadates you about some news on my blog! i am suwer, dat you all has noticed i has a brand new category on the right, wight? >>>>>>

Wight!  An the new category is callsed Flora! as to honor the Goddess of Flowers and Plantlife an an an also to has a category by which you can surf my blog to find awesumsauce pix of dem flowers. Wight? Wight!

Flora, Flora green an pink, us all Your beautie to bring!! *giggles*

So what else is new, while i am at sharsing all dem news? For one that summer arrivsed even in our tundra, and so the food we eat has become more light and more fresh and about as colorfuls as the meadows all around.

And i has been gotten spoilsed wif many morer of dem silky clutches, (so far i has a total of 11 clutches!!) so dat i needed a case for dem cwutches, an so Daddy TeddyTom4u and Mommy Mrs. Teddy spoilsed me wif a huges case for all dem cwutches. i gots to decorates it wif stickers, an got one amazingly beautifuls name sticker wif colorfuls butterflies from Mrs Teddy, an useds 4 of dem Hewwo Kitty stickers i gots spoilsed wif fwom my anonymous fan!!!!! wookie!

doucette’s cwutch case, all decorateds… and me! *giggles morer* oooooh an a yummie dish: veggetarian bell-pepper, onion, potatoes wif cream sauce, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

i will leaves you wif a few more impwessiunns of dem yummies we are hasing…  for breakfast we start out with a latte machiato con nutella,

why you can’t see any? cuz i dwank it up! *giggles morer*

 at noon Daddy an me has Veggie Enriched Rice with Pork-stripes in cream-sauce, Him da Big plate, an me, His widdles, da widdle one, wight? wight! 
after such a meal Missie & Mista, we all need da Siesta! *giggle-fit*

and for supper we have a salad with radish, cawots an vinegrette … but dont you yum up la doucette! *giggle-snorts*






2 Responses to “Summertime and updates”

  1. How nice to see that you enjoy life so much and such beautiful pictures! ❤

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