Bavarian Powder Tower, built in 1475


today i will continue my blog i started few days back, an you all will wemember cuz it was all scawy, about da medieval

defense wall and dat ghost!

Well so da ghost was not the only one sight to see, and so let’s go away from da defense wall and wookie at the other giant sight dere, the powder tower, that was built over 500 years ago and its still standing, tall and proud at that. It kinda even dominates the street in that vilalge, wookie:

so now we go closer following dat widdle road, and now we stand before the monument! wow

ooh it is huges!

and wooksie, the sign tells you what an how old it is…

so lets sneaks around a widdle, an what do we see? that staircase to the powder tower (an yes you are allowed to climbs it, for a closer wook (an for the ghost encounter *eeeeek*)

but dis time i weavy do not feel wike going upstairs to meet the ghostie, an so we sneak about an awound da corner and can see the backside of da tower an still impwessive!

da huge twee wooks tiny comparsed!

well, but on a lighter note, outside the defense wall, wight behind the powder tower’s behind *giggles*, they built a perfect widdle park….

and the defense wall and the defense tower, do not wook half as scary when you sit on the lawn beneath, hasing pick-nick, wight? wight!

an so i brought Mrs Teddy’s cheese cake.

an if you are my fwend? you too can has a bite! now you do wanna be my fwend, wight? wight!


4 Responses to “Bavarian Powder Tower, built in 1475”

  1. Miss Lisa Says:

    If I ever come to visit, you have to take me to see some of these sights, Doucette. You describe them so well, it almost seems as if I am there already. Garrison’s Mom and I would love to make a trip out your way, one of these days.

    • it would be my pweasure an honor to shows dem all to you, dey are all in close proximity, of dunna 10-30 miles tops an an an we could has so much fun. you Big ones yours, and gawwison an me giggles our widdles bery funs!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful visit it felt like I was there with you! 😀

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