Circus! – pt two – animals as role models

maybe you have heard other peopol say stuff like stupid animals or mindless creatures and i believse that this assumption is totaly unfair and uncalled for. Wike take me, wight? i am just a teddie bear girl, but you would not call me toopid or mindless, would you? an dat’s not because i am cute, but because you do know that i do cares for (my) peopol, wight? wight!

well, an when dat circus appeared out of no-where, i was modeling derer, an got to know some of dem animals dere, an found out dey can be quite some role models! Wike, wookie:

this smiling llama is all serene, and certainly no DRAMA-LLAMA *giggle*

see, dat was quite impressive as a demonstratun, wight? wight!

or in above picture, the message is quite clear: dont be an ass and do not make wrong assumptions – because every non drama-llama knows them mini horsies are pony’s not donkey’s! *giggles morer*

some peopol say, you should leave da thinking to horsies, cuz dem has the bigger heads, an there will be no argument herer, either, because dem horsies do have bigger heads indeed! wookie:

an wot is more, wookie how peacefuls dey can be, not bickering and fighting wike many peopol are!

so there is no questiun, dat animals are no mindless creatures – that is but horsie cwap if you asks me!

wif dat outta da way we can enjoy them animals unique beautie an grace! face to face. wight? wight!

an here a beary spechial pony fwend! we were doesing magic tohether too



2 Responses to “Circus! – pt two – animals as role models”

  1. a lovely post with lots and lots of beautiful animals, but not as sweet and beautiful as you are! 😀

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