12 reasons to wuv dem twees!


dem trees are such a fun place to be.  Ask any monkey if you don’t believes me! *giggles*

So this blog is to show you, dat i am wight, wight? wight! Cuz you can be swinging in dem twees, you can smell their fragreant petals an best of all sometimes you discover sumfing of a hidden tweasure.. maybe a nest, maybe some food, but twees are just dem bestest! An if you listen weal closely wif all your heart, you may be wucky and listens dem tellsing you a beautifuls stowy. Dats why we has to wuv em!


wook at me, swinging in da branches of da twee

usings dis twee as a sun deck, so much wuv!

fwom a higher branch, you has a good view too!

dose cherries aren’t ripe but compliment my skin color!

dwunk fwom its fregraence… lilac!

listening to da wisdom of da big twee, learnsing so muches!

feeling wike snow-white myself herer!

you cannot has enough of da swinging fun, wight? wight!

herer dem cherries are ripe, so i will om nom nom nom!

another grand lesson from a grand ole twee, dey are full of wisdom!

an another shower in fregreant light lilac… best bearfume evur!

giggles, got the fun pun? got it? GOT IT? bearfume, that is perfume with bear in it *giggle-fit*

an while i had fun & rest, a birdie built a nest!






4 Responses to “12 reasons to wuv dem twees!”

  1. a beautiful post again! ❤ (love this bearfume too btw) ;P

  2. Omg I can’t pick a favourite beautiful doucette ! You are ever the star and the trees don’t look so bad either xxoo MM

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