Bavarian Beauty: Essing in the Altmuehl-Valley (1)


we made a widdle trip to a dramatic place, filled with a contrast between postcard-like serenity and a dramatic scenery and brought back home some picshures i can now shares wif you. Apart from the scenic beauty and rich nature of the Altmuehl valley there were also a few cultural objects. i will try an explains them the bestest i can, so you get an idea. But since it would make da blog explode it will be a mini series, wight? wight! Kicksing it off wif firster impwessuns!

gween waters, gween bushes an twees, the valley’s beautie …


and above us thrones a castle on the rocky hill,

and what a huges hill it is, but meanwhile on the other side…

…ashore the river: this art sculpture symbolizes rock-slide


See, wot a dwamatic contrasty yet beautifuls spot dat one is? Dat’s why why Daddy TeddyTom4u took quite a few picshures, mostly wif me stawing in dem, but some just plain nature, cuz it was all impwessins an stuff, wight? wight! an so,  soons dere will be morer of dat same place, big widdles teddie girl  pwomise! *giggles*






2 Responses to “Bavarian Beauty: Essing in the Altmuehl-Valley (1)”

  1. Thanks for sharing Doucette, this must have been beautiful! 😀

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