Bavarian Beauty: Essing in the Altmuehl-Valley (2) panorama


today, as i has pwomised you, we will continue our gazings onto da beauties of da Altmuehl-Valley, more precisely the widdle village called Essing, an i will twy an gives you a panorama view impwessunnn of the village afoot da majestic hill wif da castle on tops. we will be wooksing from right to left, just so you knows… so… follow me pawease….

dem houses seem to huddle, cuz there aint much space, wight? wight!


da castle wooks out for dem widdle houses bellow, …                                           so dey bettur behave, or else *giggle*


dese houses, mostly wooden ones are secluded into bushes and twees… but not secluded enough for duckie to swim dere! … or doucette to spots dem! *giggles morer*


those giant wocks standing out on da hill between those gween pastures an tall twees are beary impwessings an also intimidatings ~ glad i was standing on da other side of da river an out of their reach *giggle-blush*


ending the panorama view wif the left side of the crest: beautifuls, wight?







2 Responses to “Bavarian Beauty: Essing in the Altmuehl-Valley (2) panorama”

  1. absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing! ❤

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