a night blessings for good widdle girls…


dis is such a cute widdle night blessing an bed time stowy so i was begsing Daddy TeddyTom4u to allow me to posties it on my blog, an who can wesist dem cute teddie bear cubbie eyes: no-one, wight? wight! *giggles*

an sooooo, Daddy gave me permissun to re-blogs it here, isnt that awesums?

a teddie night blessing

(c)2012 TeddyTom4u@yahoo.com

on a pillow of rose petals your head to rest,
an a teddie voice whispering: you are the best,
covered with a blanket
woven from petals of daisies,
an da teddie girl whispering,
i wuv you like crazie,
her paws stroking gently your hair,
sleep well, widdle girl,
everything will be alwight
so do not dispair,
and a kiss to shut your eyes,
know you are a miracle just in disguise,
know that my arms are wrapped around you all tight,
so you will sleep safely
and well all night.

(c)2012 TeddyTom4u@yahoo.com



2 Responses to “a night blessings for good widdle girls…”

  1. awwww! this is so sweet! ❤

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