teddies talk: blushel-lushel


it is time for another important lesson in teddies talk, because we has been a bit neglectfuls in dat department. It is twue, dat i beens talking teddies talk in all my posts an so you has been learnsing en passant but this word is so important, it gets its own standing and blog:

you ask wot word is that important, an i wills tells you! it is:


you read that wight, an here is a picshure to shows you wot it’s all bouts, wight? wight!

omg OMG i blushed so hard i blushel-lushel

i am quite suwer you gots the meaning, but i will explains it some morer. you know, how sometimes you get a compliment, or you get caught in some thoughts, or embarassed or wotevur, an den you blush, wight? wight! your whole face turns pink or even red. an well some peopol find that cute too – an an i wikes dat too too, just so you knows. *giggle* But sometimes the compliment is so much or the embarassing, or wotevurs, an an an den, you cannot talk. you cannot speak, you just stutter and ummm ummm ummm about, and if that happens, dat you blush so hard you lose coherent speech: that’s when you blushel-lushel 

*giggles morer*

So, you learnsed DA most important word, wight? wight!

class? dismissed!







2 Responses to “teddies talk: blushel-lushel”

  1. that happenesed to me just last night! i poured cold water on ….

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