Bathing in dem Flowers!


all my fans know how much i am into dem flowers, an it needs no explanatunnn, because dems are beautifuls an magnificent, an no two are the same, an an an dem has awesums colors an smells an fragrances an forms and beautie an an see? millions of reasons to wuv dem, wight? wight! an so i does *giggles*

But the bestest is when dem flowers bloom in such an abundance you can wike swim and bathe in dem, an dis blog will shows you how beary relaxing dat is! It is a flower power appreciatunnn blog *giggles morer*

an noooo, i havent wetted those flowers *giggle-blushes*

see how my clutch matches them flowers? dem are fashionistas too!


i feel so bewuved in all dem beauties! *melts*

all that wuv? i just can’t get enuff! *giggle-fit*

gimme purple, gimme white wots da spell? ‘awesome’, wight? wight!

can you even spots me? i am all camouflageds *giggles morer*

even bushes have flowers to bathe in! this is white-thorn…


bearfect spring time flower bath!

See, i just enjoys them baths in beautie.






2 Responses to “Bathing in dem Flowers!”

  1. and you are the most beautiful and sweet flower Doucette 😀

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