Funnie Houses in Nuernberg


my recent travels brought me to Nuernberg (in Bavaria/Germany) for a flea market wif Daddy TeddyTom4u, and we used that day to take a few picshures of dem funnie houses all around that market-place. 

Obviously, dere is such a fifference towards dem houses i usually shows on my blog; the city is quite a lot fifferent from the villages, wight? wight. The city has to store a lot more peopol on a lot less space, an so dem houses are growing in height, an the nature becomes a scarce event, in the monuments of bricks an concrete…

But dem houses are pretty ole, an no concerete is been used muches here, more dem bricks and stones. Da houses are of course a bit renovated within and outside, but dems are often from the early or middle 20th century, some are even end of 19th centurie. 

But in mids of all those houses, that have less obvious beautie an also wook a bit gloomie, dere is still a ray of sun-shine… well an Daddy’s beautifuls gem-stones… an me!!!!!! wight? wight!

hopes you enjoyeds the widdle excursion to da city, yet i bearsonally wike dem villages an da countrie-side a lot morer!



4 Responses to “Funnie Houses in Nuernberg”

  1. i do luvs this way i can go wif yous. fank yoo for sharing wifs me ❤

  2. I like the country much bearter too 😀

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