Visiting a modern, rural “mall” in Bavaria


recently, i decided to spend some of my hard earnsed money and so we drove down to a kind of modern rural ‘mall’ and since it was such an interesting place, in between shopping Daddy TeddyTom4u and i did foto-shoots, so i can show you how shopping works herer, wight? wight!

enetring the “mall”-area,  framed with trees & forests…


seeing the friendly chef along side of the road, we learn,

there will be NO starvation during the shopping spree *giggles*


and indeed: the opposite side of the road, there’s a terrace café

but if that is not what we wanted,

we still can settle for flying bananas *giggle-fit*

mirror, mirror on the wall, 

who is the most beautifuls house 

of all dem houses in da mall?


following the rural Bavarian village traditunnn, all ‘mall’-stores

are grouped around the central well, dis one has a fountain and is decorated wif impwessive local rocks


the widdle fountain, was so pleased seeing me, it got all exciteds

giggle-blushing, blushel-lushel!!!!!!!


leaving the mall-area, a sign reads:

“Thank you very much for Your vist, see You!”

An now i also understand, why the whole shopping trip was such a beary pleasure: the mall’s mascot is a teddy-bear!!!



4 Responses to “Visiting a modern, rural “mall” in Bavaria”

  1. oooo so pretties! i hopes you haved fun.

  2. a small mall!!! (giggle) so beautifully presented! ❤

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