meditatunnn: municipal utilities all zen


i am quite suwer, that you wills find, that something as the municipal utilities  usually is quite boring. Dey often reside in some building, whether old or new and represent bureaucracy… but sometimes, you would be supwized, how wong one can be! Wooksie for yourself, i found this zen garden in a Bavarian district town in da rural Bavaria, and was quite impressesed by the peace and powerful meditatunnn the whole set up radiateds!

you will soon discover the tao through the yin and yang…


Yin and Yang represented in the ole an modern buildings…


a square artificial metal tree: bed for red flowers… and me! *giggles*


stern accuracy of the building, wild, colorful, chaotic plant life 

and me again! *giggles morer*


a bearfect zen garden behind me… accurate and yet wild…


panorama view of the garden’s highlight: water and fountains well, and me *giggles morerer still*


TAO: Yang and Yin principles, every-where! wight? wight!






4 Responses to “meditatunnn: municipal utilities all zen”

  1. this looks great! thanks for sharing 😀

  2. Once again, a wonderful entry. Makes me wish I were there to take in the beauty, and breath the air.

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