teddies talk: giggle-friggle

Peopol,  the lessons in teddie talk continue with yet another important expressun. we learnsed blushel-lushel recently, wight? wight! an we wemember how blushel-lushel is when you are so embarassed and blushed that you lost coherent speech, wight? wight! today we will learn a word dat is totally relateds to dat blushel-lushel, an it is:


gigglies like caweyzey….



so now you too know and can recognize

blushel-lushel with gigglins like caweyzey, dat is giggle-friggle, an an an next time you see da word or hears it, you better know wot it is all about, cuz i has explainsed it, wight?


class? dismissed!







2 Responses to “teddies talk: giggle-friggle”

  1. is it “gigglies like caweyzey” when your daddy tickles you? just to be sure I understand it well 😀

    • uhu, but its not giggle-friggle. giggle friggle is when He starts complimentings me on the way i wiggles,while He ticklurts meeeeeeeeeee *blushel-lushel*

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