twicks gwandma knew: file cards


today, most everything we need we will find in some store or online-shop. An it is twue dat it is vewwy convenient to just buys da stuff we need every day, i gives you dat. But in the good ole days, peopol were a bit more inventive and this way could safe a bit of dem hard earnsed moneys for other important stuff. An today, we are well advised to follow dat example. for example, when we wanna write a shopping list, we will take post-it notes or other chits of paper, and these, of course most often come from stores. But gwanny would shake her head NO at us, seeing how we are wasting perfectly fine resources, and dat is wot my blog is today abouts. Most of you have sheer endless sourcess of packaging on the hand, that we toss aside, carelessly, wight? wight! Like take a Kleenex box for example, or a box of cookies, or…. you get me, wight? an well… with scissors you can cut them up [but be carefulls of your paws!!!] and get beautiful and unique file cards, for shopping lists, or as your beary memo. So instead of tossing packaging away carelessly, make yourself a DIY afternoon, an dat way you has more money left to buy the more important stuff, like my Daddy’s gem stones. wight? wight!






One Response to “twicks gwandma knew: file cards”

  1. precious tricks, thanks Doucette! 😀

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