Rural pass time: let’s go buysing a new twactor! (1)


when peopol in the city get borsed an an has da money, dey can pass their time by buying a new car. An in the rural Bavaria, dem farmers have a similar pass-time, dey goes buysing new twactors. At least it must be twue, cuz cuz cuz every bigger city has at least one dealer-ship for twactors and combines… an so i went to checks one such tractor dealership out for you… an if you are into car-p0rn, you are gunna wuv dis blog!

taking a wook awound, dere are quite a few to choose fwom

and not just twactors but also accessories!


this trailer ‘s name is ‘listen’, said with a lisp: lishen! *giggles*

a Daddy twactor by “Fendt”, quite impwessive!!


an the widdles twactor by Fendt, still beary impwessive

but what a cutie face, wight? wight!!!!






4 Responses to “Rural pass time: let’s go buysing a new twactor! (1)”

  1. miss lisa Says:

    I really do look forward to all of your blogs Doucette.

    • dat makes me soooo happsie. i been beary diligents the past week, an prepareds like 20 blogs so i am under no pwessure an can publish posts even if too busy wif modeling an other stuff – an i have not even yet sorted through like 50% of my overall material. busy bear girl, yeha dats meeee *muah*

  2. you look so tiny on the last one 😀 very interesting post 😀

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