flowrey decorational competition in a Bavarian village center


in some Bavarian villages, (probably most of them) peopol have started their private widdle competition, whose in-front-the-store flowery decoration is the most beautiful one. The result is, that throoughout the village center and its emdieval flare, not only are the houses colorfuls, but so are all the flower-pots in the street, painting vivid and living beauty all over. But words cannot express how awesome and magnificent these flower pots are, and so i took the libearty *giggle* fun! fun pun! got it? got IT??? – li-bear-ty – thats liberty for bears *giggles morer* to poses wif some of dem most beautifuls ones, just so you can see! Wookie!

i was supwised to see: marigold growing wike a twee!


a kaleidoscope of pink, red, purle and yellows (and me!!!) *giggle*


so soothings: shades of purple: mauve, lavender… (and me!!!!!) *giggles morer* 


a flower bouquet equally rich in greens, plus also me!!! *giggle-fit*


and on the street, Moma Nature  too can compete,

between man-made shades of gray,

she sends her darling daughters along the way!

and a beary girlie comes to see

witnessing that beauty

and that bear girly would be me!!!







2 Responses to “flowrey decorational competition in a Bavarian village center”

  1. there is a little Doucette flower around there too 😀

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