lessons in widdles: BaBearia


Did you know there is a magic place, where all dem bears feel happsie an all? Yes there is, it is actually a federal state in Germany, called BABEARIA. The capital of BaBearia is not Munich, nooooooooo, it is BearVille, where Daddy TeddyTom4u, Mrs Teddy and i, teddie doucette live *giggles* An we also has a flag, staring Baberaia’s beary mascott: Granny Artie, wookie:    

So if peopol asks you, what is da capital of dem Teddies? you know how to reply: It is BaBeraia: the state of Bavaria of them bears, wight? wight!

class dismissed!

PS: this blog is dedicated to my fan and wuver gawwison, a gentle-bear from the United States of Abearica who in his infinite beautie of spirit and heart invented the word BaBearia. i wubs you gawwison, beary much!


2 Responses to “lessons in widdles: BaBearia”

  1. that´s the best name ever for this country!! ❤

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