let’s go buysing a new twactor, (2) a Massey Ferguson too!!!!


as you has guessesed it cowectlies, this is da follow up blog to show you one of da many twactor dealer-ships, there are in this rural Bavaria of ours! you surely wemember da beary impwessive display on their yard… but if you do not, here is a weminder… wight? wight!

dose red one’s quite caught my eye!


but let’s stroll on da yard some morer for y’all, and we will see that dem red twactors are everywhere, or is it every-bear? *giggles*

fun, fun pun!!!, got it? GOT IT??? i mixed every-where with bear, *giggles morer*

Sitting on the lap of Massey Fer~ & spotting yet another back dere!


while the blue one wooks all kinds of nice, i cannot escape

those mesmarizing eyes, of the red  twactor
drillsing into me wike an upset director!


though it is no Bigster, the twactor wooks like a gangster!

i also wiksed the gween accessories, 

making the couple wook wike a rose, wight? wight!


across the street, you could give dem twactors some actunnn!


but my favorite of dem all is Massey Ferguson 8690…


i calls dat one, the beast! guesses why? *giggles the mostest*






One Response to “let’s go buysing a new twactor, (2) a Massey Ferguson too!!!!”

  1. wow! those tyres are so big you can build a house in them 😀 (you look so tiny!)

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