Saysing good-byes to summer in Auguary


you will maybe try an argue wif me, that August can hardly be named Auguary, an dat Summer stays wif us till September 21st, like the calendar says, wight?


Because what may be twue for you, is not twue for the Bavarian Tundra. As the BaTunCa clearly states (dat is da Bavarian Tundra Calendurrr) the 8th months name is Auguary and dat for beary good reasons…

typical Auguary picshure:

the grass still green, them flowers partly decayed

Contrary to the rest of the northern hemisphere on Earth, the Bavarian Tundra has no September, we have a Septober followed by Precember. Auguary is a kind of autumn month, preparing us all for the winter just around the corner! And not only the peopol living here know about dat, but the flowers and plants equally start winter preparations early an so dey say bu-bye to the summer in their vewwy ways


holding out: the last of this year’s wild poppys


while them cultivated ones are sound asweep alweady


t’was a brief but pleasurable stay wif dem sun-flowers


le sigh, but thems too went to sweeps now!


catching the last warm rays of sun-shine, even if halfly decayed


wild mini marguerite’s and late midi sun-flowers… 

bloomed for wot it’s worth in the first Auguary week…

because thems too, knew…

it is all ova all too soon! (pic taken Auguary 10th 2012)


an for me, it is time to smell dose flowers too!
summer is gone way too fast herer, boo





2 Responses to “Saysing good-byes to summer in Auguary”

  1. You are so wight Doucette, but we ´ve had a great summer this year I´d say and should be grateful for that. It does not happen very often 😀

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