Ode to dem…. Potatoes

singings: i say tomato, you say tomato, i say potato, you say potato

dang: written it makes much less sence than spoken, *giggles* but you get the idea of this blog wight, wight? wight! It is about the potato, which has grown dear to us yummsters all around the world.

Wot most peopol do not know or realize, is dat da potato plant, the green part above the ground, not only is not edible but is also quite poisonous. Only the part in the earth is edible, but best not raw. It will gives you tummie aches. To enjoy the spoilage of potato you bestest cooks it. tellsing you all about a potato would spam my blog an maybe even makes you falls asweep, an so, herer is da link to da potato page on wiki

But the weason for dis blog is an all fifferent one. One of my dearest fans has challengesed me, an said: dat i would wook awesome even in a sack of potatoes an i testeds that, an now you decides, whether or not i won *giggle-snorts*

firster i was a bit timid, but dem potatoes told me to *come out*


later i felt much more comfy, almost like one of dem!


Using potatoes for your meals is a winner every-time. your body will rejoice in them minerals and vitamines, as well as the starch, and the yellowish color of the them potatoes will make your eyes happie. wookie!

potatoes accompany other foods excellently

So, do not think lowly of that widdle potato, just because it grew within the earth and not on a tree, it makes it still such a great friend, that should be revered. wight? wight!






4 Responses to “Ode to dem…. Potatoes”

  1. frog princess Says:

    You definaltely look like a prettiful princess in a potato sack.

  2. thank you: very informative, I am impressed đŸ˜€

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