portals between worlds: doors (1)

Doors are something we all are totally used to, an so we do not pay much attentunnn to dem objects of every day’s life, but that is beary wong!

a 1950s built house, and an oak-wooden, impwessive door:

the arrow window saysing: here live two peopol

of da Toppy kind, well an me!! *giggles*

in todays blog i will pwesent you a few doors, an impwessiuns of doors, in an around our house, an you will see, dat each door is a unique pathway guardian, an should be gettin some wespect, wight? wight!

let’s get started! (an maybe evens startled a widdles) *more giggles*

a back-yard door, oak-wood, arrows to the top and a 4 parts window

representing the four seasons carried by them Top peopol

 livsing herer (an me too! *giggles morer still*)

An this blog is just the opening to a series of blogs about fifferent doors, an portals, because on my travels i has met quite a few of dem an each of those are impressive or spechial. Some are even funnie. So stay tuned, and take a walk to dem doors of da house where i lives at!

the basement door, more modern yet dark and mysterious

and of course me!! yet light brown and euphorious *giggle-fit*

the portal to the front yard, alluminum square bars:

orderly, modern, cold, yet leaving space for ferns and bears

See? an dat is why do owe respect, to the uniqueness of our objectified friends, whom peopol call just ‘doors’!






4 Responses to “portals between worlds: doors (1)”

  1. great post, you have captured the concept, impressive again! 😀

  2. Once again, very entertaining, and informative, and such captivating beauty, in the lovely doucette 🙂

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