twicks gwandma knew … how to build a beary own sound-stage

ok, ok, i admit it: most gwand-ma’s would not have even known what a soundstage is, let alone knew how to build one, but the title of my blog still is beary correct. how? i will tells you, so wistens, Peopol!

well, in my twicks gwand-ma knew, i am tellsing you how to Do It Yourself, as to save money, an also bring back some wisdom from yesteryear, that else would wither, be forgotten an die out, an we do not wanna informatunn to die out, especially if it is suitable to safe us some money, wight? wight!

An well, da sound-stage i am talksing about, is da soundstage for moi, that Daddy TeddyTom4u built for me, so i cans performs dem songs. An in dat, da sound-stage is not a lot fifferent from a dollies-house, wight? wight! An any gwanny and gwand-pa knew how to build a dollie house, be it from wood planks, or hard paper cartons, shoe boxes and alike. so see? i did not lie! ha! i not in twuble. neener!!!

An an an to build such a spechial soundstage, Daddy used an empty carton he got from a groceries store (for free, of coursie). He also needed kitchen paper towels and plain A4 pages as well as clear duct tape, scissors and a knife. He cut a hole to one side, so He can reaches in to cuddles an supporties me, an as a door for me to enter the stage. Then he tiled the whole area with them kitchen towels and them papers, and glued them with the tape, and the stage was finishesed. i wuv my sound-stage!!!!!

an you dont wanna knows what a dollie house functional like dat would have costed in a store, but we saved quite some money, an so cans you, wight? wight!






4 Responses to “twicks gwandma knew … how to build a beary own sound-stage”

  1. a stage for a beary big star! ❤

  2. Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    In any case I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

    • well fanku beary much for the beary nice comment and words of encouragements. i keeps on postins, on fifferent topics, and DIY is a part of dat too. maybe i should do another DIY blogser soons again. fanks for the weminder

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