portals between worlds (2) morer of dem doors


something as mundane as doors are surely not blog-worthy, wight? wong! 

Doors show so much beautie and character and often reflect quite a lot what them peopol who live behind them doors are wike too. There are so many fifferent styles, so many truly unique doors, an on my many travels for my modeling career i get to see so many of dem outstanding doors, i absolutely need to shares dis passunnn wif you all. wight? wight!

Last time i showsed you how dem doors of the house i live at are all sorts of wonderfuls, but today i will take you to a village beary near our home, which i often call BearVille for many a weasons, especially cuz i live derer, wight? wight! (*giggles*)

So follow me an let me enchant you wif doors and their very flair…

a simple door frame, dark brown,

but the glass hidden behind ornamented cast iron

presented by me *giggles*


though white and taupe are rather dressy colors,

the two parted door with the cast iron highlights wooks scary!
as does the brown door left of it 

are they gunna eat me? *eeeeeeeep!*


this pizzeria door looks a lot more friendlie, comparsed…

but you won’t mind if stay on the table

in a safe distance, i still am rather scarced!


now this is one friendlier door, wight? wight!

though it’s oak, them floral/diamond ornaments are uplifting

and so is the flowers decoratunnn, i use as a tiara *giggles*


do not get deceivsed by the ‘welcome’ sign…

follow the good example of da white car, and keep a safe distance
cuz cuz cuz, them bars before da glass

both on the door and atop of it, speak a fifferent language

and this portal of three parts, like a catholic altar

guards a passway, a high-road (if not a high-way)

to the dark door.. above … behind… is it the high-road to hell?

i don’t know, and who can tell

and so i stay slightly away, better safe than sorry, any day!

wight? wight!






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