between the worlds…

Between worlds, not fully here, not fully there,

are you aware how it is fully there…

this is no tale, or is it one?

this is not a fairy tale,

though fair it is quite some.

On my strolls through the viallages and scenery, through nature and through cities, i often come across places, or buildings, that seem to be from another world, or unexpected, places that are like a (modern) mystery, or just simply beautifully weird in their own charming way, and today, i want to share some of these spots wif you!


this must be the troubled bridge over calm waters!


a pink beauty richly abloom behind bars!


winter toll: sculptures in decay, nature silently sleeping…


blankets of snow, and the branches hanging low



a garden, terace, between houses… like a metropolitan oases


framed by rough gray stones  the spots of color an softness (are me!)


behind a wall, behind a creek, a house between worlds






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