Taiga’s Fall on a traffic island


Daddy TeddyTom4u totally surprisedes me today and invited me on a spontanous photo-shoot, an an an i got to bathe in dem flowers agains!

We were driving to near by taiga, where they still has a plenty of flowers abloom because of the more mild climate. It was wike summer was herer all ova agains!

I was so happsie, well i still am to be honest. Herer i has shown off my yellow cwutch. beautimous, innit? 

Dem flowers are just so pwettie an an all kinds of awesumsauce, wight? wight!

been wigglings my footsies in the air, bathing in dem flowers, awwwwwwwwwww!






2 Responses to “Taiga’s Fall on a traffic island”

  1. the most beautiful flower is called Doucette ❤

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