Tale o’House

Once upon a time – in a land far,  far away –

behind the seven mountains, and them seven seas

there stood a house, for anyone to see

wooking at its skin, his funnie raised nose

and the shortish chin

one would be brought, to the thought

it was a kind lil house

when indeed, it was not!

Not even the blue bike

nor the scenery serene

no bush and no tree

could hide – that housie was all mean!

walksing all awound, on a beary widdle stroll

soon i discovereds

the house will take its toll

it has one meanie eye

elevated up in the sky

wooksing at that shed

where bad times must be had


yes i got all scareced,

as the housie tried to pull me in

making it all clear

it wanted to be eating

the poor widdles that’s me…

so i started to trembles and shakes

an calling 

for my Daddy!

my Daddy TeddyTom4u arrivsed

with that irritated wooks in His eyes

wearing His cowboy hat, 

that is where i hided at

He yelled at the house

with His voice of thunder

whether you are a man or a mouse

I will take you under!

you will not scare my widdle girl,

is that understood?

she is Mine for her to care,

and I raise her to be good!

He then opened the car door,

so i could just slips in

to be all safe and sound

from the house, that was no fun

while Daddy would be doing

the stern much neededs scolding

At Daddy’s stern voice tone

the house was shaking to its bone

knowing – now it was in quite some twuble

and twying not to make it double

and so it stood down,

flashing a guilty frown

with promises never to scare anyone like that again

because for suwa, that is no fun a game!

Once the threat was gone

and the bad housie admitted to the wong

of its own ways

sniffling, promising,

 it will neva eva be that bad again

and starting to write them lines

to wemember it for all the times

Daddy brought me home

where we had some potato soup

so we both would be all stwong

and somehow everything now was good

Later, when it was my bed-time

Daddy said how He is pwoud of me,

cuz i had informsed Him of that crime

and that is wot widdles always need

to do, when they see something wong going on

callings on them Bigs

so them can sort it out,

and keep us widdles safe and sound


2 Responses to “Tale o’House”

  1. this is an amazing tale, Doucette, I hope you feel better and safe now 😀

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