AmeriCAR’s dreams


imagine my supwise, when on my travels wif Daddy TeddyTom4u for His markets we discovered along the route some weavy beary hot cars! An i am so spoilsed, because Daddy TeddyTom4u always takes the time to insert a widdle extra photo-shoot wif me, posing on dem hotties, howevurrr possuble!

a modern ford mustang wif da 5 liters engine… *fans self*

Or wike the other day, before da market starteds, instead of setting up His booth, He and i tooks the time and tooks the picture of me posings with a silver-blue-metalic beautie of the past. Whoever tolds you that a 60 year old cannot be sexy must has been blinds or lied, wight? wight!

that is what i call a sexie butt! an well also me!! *giggles!!!!*


Profile view: Rock’n’Roll  *giggle’n’blushes*


me on the hood, an everything is good *blushes a widdle*


the car was all wet, but it was NOT me, i swears!!!


though i kinda sorta almost wet myself wif dis one, um ummm




One Response to “AmeriCAR’s dreams”

  1. beautiful! thanks for sharing ❤

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