Expeditunnn to a Bavarian Hardware Store (1)


sometimes the adventures are far away, an you has to travel by plane or train to get therer, wight? wight! But sometimes, them adventures are right around the corner, an yet wif some imaginatunnn, you can go on expeditunnns an has adventures galore… as this mini series of blogs will shows you…

So the weason why we checksed out this spechial Bavarian Hardware Store was that Daddy TeddyTom4u discovereds through a McDonald ‘s fence that they have widdle houses, an He wanted me to pose wif dem for a blog or two.

at first glance, fru da fence, the house wooksed wuvly…


sitting on its deck, enjoysing the view.. i could get used to this!


as i walksed inside, i felt quite confinsed, and i decideds:

nope, this house is not IT!



While i was trying to makes up my mind, wot house to get for me, and why,  Mrs Teddy got intrigued an so we all went into the store to checks it out! But that is what the next blog from the Hardware Store will be all about!






2 Responses to “Expeditunnn to a Bavarian Hardware Store (1)”

  1. You look so sweet in this little house, but it is not good enough, you deserve much bettuuuurrrrr! 😀

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