twicks grandma knew: potted plants pimped with coffee


most of you would not know how much i has been awound, an i even learnsed a thing or ten about gardening.

But today i wills let you in on a few twicks about how to pimp up your potted plants with coffee an stuff!

you may now go all o.O and shout it is impossuble, but maybe you keep it down instead an let me explains.

when re-potting or planting potted plants, put one or two coffee-filters flat on the bottom inside the pot – best use fresh, unused ones at that, and fill in the soil prudentlies, so the soil will not get under these layers. then plant your flower and fill in morer of the soil. before covering the pot above the plant, add some coffee from a used filter into the soil. This way, insects will not bother your plant, because dem toopids dont wike coffee  *giggles*

So, now you may asks, wot good will all that does?

well as i said, the coffee in the upper soil layers will keep nasty insects at bay, an you will safe on pesticides – which will not only pay off in your wallet, but also will reduce soiling our precious air, an water wif uncalled for toxins!

an them filters on the bottom of your potted plants?

dems will prevent that soil is flushed out the pot soiling onto your window sill or worser, your valued furniture. An that way, it will not only safe you the money for dem detergents, an helps save our environment, but also will keep you outta twuble, an saves you all da extwa works!

See, gwandma knew a few twicks, an so does i, and now you too… wight? wight!



2 Responses to “twicks grandma knew: potted plants pimped with coffee”

  1. you are so wight! 😀

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