Visit from Fans: the Fan-Boat


imagine my supwize on a recent flea market where i helpsed Daddy TeddyTom4u guarding His booth…

all happsie i could has a coca cowa, i hearsed dat strange noisie from da river…

Daddy TeddyTom4u told me to go checks it out, there were peopol wanting to sees me!

an indeed there were peopol on a small yacht who came all the way to the flea market just to get a few minutes to talks wif me. i was so over-joysed, i even made a widdle happsie dance!

which in turn made the ladie on da boat all happsie. i wuv my fans. dey make my modeling works even the bettur!






2 Responses to “Visit from Fans: the Fan-Boat”

  1. I can tell, the woman is so happy to see you in bearson! 😀

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